Qianhai Guiwan International Talents’ Apartments

Qianhai Talents’ Apartments is an innovative residential project in Shenzhen aimed specifically at the rental market. The project is envisaged as a building exclusively for ‘talents’ – professionals who would have an intensive work-centred lifestyle. Mostly living alone and away from their families, their primary desire is for privacy and exclusivity, while also craving a sense of community in a relaxed environment. Reimagining this new building type, the design offers an innovative layout that redefines the residents’ living experience. The fan-shaped arrangement of the apartment units optimises views and privacy on the outer radius, while providing focused communal areas at the centre of the scheme.

The design stems from a desire to promote wellness by incorporating greenery, natural ventilation, views, controlled daylight and a variety of amenities. Lush green areas provide space for residents and the public to gather, rest and socialise. The two sites are connected by a large semi-public garden at the base of the apartment buildings. Retail units animate the ground plane and centre around the green heart of the scheme that connects the ground to the green spaces above. The project is designed to connect with adjacent greenbelts on the ground, promoting engagement with these green spaces.

A Level 2 deck seamlessly connects with the elevated walkway network of Guiwan. The deck provides a transitional space between neighbouring sites and creates a green urban oasis for the public to enjoy. As residents move up through the building, green terraces provide secondary shared spaces across all levels. Soft planting on the terraces creates a calm and atmospheric sense of arrival, as residents step out from the lifts.

The Sky Gardens are the primary shared spaces for all residents. They offer spectacular views of the surrounding area and facilitate a wide range of activities such as exercise classes, dining experiences and social occasions. Each Sky Garden is a triple height space with louver shading and planting, offering a more private and exclusive atmosphere. The wealth of shared green spaces across the scheme helps to foster a sense of community, while simultaneously enhancing residents’ health and wellbeing.

Future flexibility is key and modular construction allows for prefabrication, saving time and ensuring quality control. Two shear walls enclose every two units, allowing flexibility to combine the units in the future. Although each unit type may differ, interior elements within these units are standardised and allow for construction efficiencies. The project reduces embodied carbon by minimising the use of concrete during construction. The entire superstructure, located above ground, is made from lightweight steel and was fabricated in a nearby region. The building envelope is prefabricated and was assembled off-site whenever possible.


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