Nanjing Tie Bei is a new mixed-use development located in the centre of Nanjing’s Xuanwu District. Overlooking the nearby Zijin (Purple) Mountain and Xuanwu Lake, the development is well connected to the rest of the city.

When arriving in the city from the east, the landmark towers can be seen from the train window. The project is located within a larger masterplan and covers two major plots. The 165,000-square-metre project combines a 180-metre office tower and a 110-metre serviced apartment tower. Both towers are visually interlinked by a 17-metre retail podium, which is intersected by a public road.

All new buildings have extensive soft landscaping on roofs, terraces and refuge floors. Stepping on both towers creates multiple outdoor roof terraces and a new ‘urban valley’ across the scheme. In the office tower, ‘neck’ level spaces become outdoor working terraces where people can enjoy garden space, breathe fresh air and enrich their working scenarios.

The apartment tower is arranged around a large open-air atrium, which spans the height of the building. The podiums are terraced over three levels and provide street retail and mall shopping experiences. Strong public realm connections are combined with public plazas, raised walkways and green roof gardens to create enriched community facilities and a relaxed social atmosphere for both residents and the public.

A material palette of stone and warm metal references the local architecture, while bringing texture and depth to the development. The sustainability rating target is Green Building 2 Stars, with local and sustainable materials being used where possible, and natural ventilation utilised throughout both towers and the podium.

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