When Mirror Group Newspapers moved its presses from Holborn Circus to London’s Docklands, the opportunity arose to replace the outdated eleven-storey 1960s building with a lower structure, which while modern in detail and spirit is also sensitive to the traditional urban grain and the conservation issues of this historical area. Located pivotally between the City and the West End, the building restores the strategic view of St Paul’s Cathedral from Primrose Hill and forms a symbolic gateway on High Holborn at the City’s western edge.

The new building has eight storeys of flexible office accommodation, designed to respond to changing work patterns and new developments in information technology. The office floors look into a full-height glazed atrium, which opens out onto Holborn Circus through a dramatic curved glass facade, allowing views deep into the heart of the building. Within the atrium, which is to be animated by a site-specific sculpture, is a six-storey glass staircase suspended from slender steel rods; weighing 70 tonnes, it is one of the largest glass stairs ever made.

The choice of materials for the facades – granite and reconstituted stone – respects the traditional use of masonry in the neighbouring buildings. A glass floor at the entrance to the building admits daylight to the basement, which provides leisure facilities including a gymnasium, a restaurant and auditorium. And at street level the building welcomes the working community with shops, cafés and bars.

Comcast Technology Center

2019 - Philadelphia, USA

Index Tower

2011 - Dubai, UAE

HSBC UK Headquarters

2002 - London, UK

Shanghai Jiushi Corporation

2001 - Shanghai, China

Commerzbank Headquarters

1997 - Frankfurt, Germany

Tower Place West

2002 - London, UK

Duisburg Hafenforum

1996 - Duisburg, Germany

Ilham Tower

2016 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Microelectronic Centre

1996 - Duisburg, Germany

Gerling Ring

2001 - Cologne, Germany