The vision for the regeneration of 250 City Road, a triangular site between Angel and Old Street Stations, is to transform a low density 1980s business park into a high-density, low energy residential community. Bringing together a mixture of uses, from places to live and work to a range of new restaurants, shops and cafes, the scheme includes two elegant residential towers of 42 and 36 storeys. These contribute to the area’s wider development strategy by concluding a planned cluster of high-rise buildings, while providing a distinctive new landmark for Islington.

Located opposite the City Road Basin, the buildings step down in the south of the site, respectful of the smaller scale of neighbouring residential blocks, and they are arranged around a green park at the heart of the scheme. Ground level shops, cafes and new pedestrian paths anchor the development with its surroundings, creating new routes between Islington and the City and connecting the new quarter with local transport links. The apartments above are designed from the ‘inside-out’, with floor plates configured to ensure privacy while maximising the perimeter for daylight and views and articulating each residence externally. This approach establishes a strong architectural hierarchy, from the podium base on City Road to the fully glazed upper level clerestory and penthouse roof terraces. The selection of materials for the lower podium buildings reflects Islington’s local vernacular of brick, and includes natural limestone to enclose the landscaped courtyards.

Designed to naturally conserve energy, the buildings’ mass provides protection from the noise and pollution of City Road, as well as blocking northerly winds, and the towers have been designed to minimise down draughts to create comfortable public spaces. The progressive environmental strategy incorporates a combined heat and power plant, which could potentially be connected to the local grid. In addition, photovoltaic panels will provide renewable energy, green roofs will encourage wildlife, and rain water will be harvested and used for irrigation.

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