Technology and Research

Technology and Research at Foster + Partners

Central to our ethos is an appetite for enquiry, discovery and understanding. By maintaining a commitment to research – one of our great strengths as a practice – we are not only up to date with new developments and techniques but are also able to thoroughly evaluate their relevance and technical performance for individual projects. Our commitment to technology is a means to the social ends of making the world a better place through design. This philosophy maintains the spirit of creative endeavour on which the practice was founded. Our research groups help design teams to answer the challenges we face in the spirit of innovation.

MOL Headquarters

2022 - Budapest, Hungary

UAE Pavilion Milan Expo 2015

2015 - Milan, Italy


2017 - London, UK

30 St Mary Axe

2004 - London, UK

Lusail Towers

2024 - Lusail, Qatar

Smithsonian Institution Courtyard

2007 - Washington DC, USA

Zayed National Museum

2025 - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Alif - The Mobility Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

2021 - Dubai, UAE

Comcast Technology Center

2019 - Philadelphia, USA

Vatican Chapel, Pavilion of the Holy See

2018 - Venice, Italy

The YachtPlus Fleet


Spaceport America

2014 - New Mexico, USA

South Beach


Mars Habitat

Lunar Habitation

InnHub La Punt

La Punt-Chamues-ch, Switzerland

Chesa Futura

2004 - St Moritz, Switzerland

Beijing Capital International Airport

2008 - Beijing, China

Arc, Molteni&C


Applied R+D

Specialist Modelling Group

Materials Research Centre

Technical Design Group